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Birdville — a feeding station creation by Chuck Dronen

By Chuck Dronen

For anyone who has been bitten by the birding bug, feeding stations are yet another way to enjoy our feathered friends.

At our Cashmere home, over the years we’ve had the joy and surprise of at least 44 different species paying us a visit.

We definitely get the frequent flyers like English House Sparrows and House Finches, but every once in a while something special will fly in and surprise birds and humans alike. Case in point, a Cooper’s Hawk.

Our mainstay in the orchard district we live in are American Goldfinches, Oregon Juncos and White Crowned Sparrows in season, an occasional Song Sparrow or Spotted Towhee, Brown Headed Cowbirds, Brewers Blackbirds, California Quail, Mourning Doves and their pesky cousins of the European variety.

However, all of them are welcome guests.

Birdville is our whimsical effort to build something fun, pursue an interest and hopefully benefit a few hungry birds.

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