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New spaces to taste wine in Leavenworth

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By Alex Saliby

Wineries keep making news, with some changing winemakers and others moving into new locations.

Shane Collins, formerly at Tsillan Cellars left that position and moved to Rocky Pond as their winemaker.

My dear friend Ray Sandidge became winemaker at Tsillan Cellars. Ray continues also as winemaker for his own label, CRSandidge Wines in Manson.

In Leavenworth, several changes are taking place.

Ryan Patrick is changing both winemakers and location. I am sorry to see the loss of Jeremy Santos as the lead winemaker, but at the same time, I also am looking forward to tasting what Kendall Mix will do with the wines when he adds his personal touches to them.

Another big change for Ryan Patrick is the new location for the tasting room.

The location of the new facility will be 707 Highway 2, Unit D, which brings the Ryan Patrick wines closer to the Gazebo in the center of Front Street.

The big benefit, though, is that the tasting room space triples, so all those weekend visitors can relax and know there’s lots more room to taste and enjoy a glass of wine.

I suggest you all try the recently released 2015 Reserve Cabernet — it’s another winner.

Another important new location announcement concerns friend Danielle Clement and her Baroness Cellars tasting room. On Feb. 2, Baroness moved into the Red Rooster Kitchen and Home Shop at 219 8th St in Leavenworth.

The new location will be offering the recently released Great Escape wine, a delightful blend of Pinot Noir and Syrah made from local Chelan county grapes.

Leavenworth has seen quite an increase in the number of winery tasting rooms, as five wineries new to our area have opened tasting facilities in a space on 9th Street. They are joined by a familiar area star, Plain’s Napeequa Cellars. Dave Morris pulled up stakes at his facility in Plain and joined these five at the Wine Cellar on 9th Street.

I’m familiar with three of the wineries in that 9th Street Wine Cellar: Basel Cellars, Isenhower Cellars and Napeequa, having for several years tasted and purchased their wines.

I’ve been aware of the existence of Patterson Cellars, but I’m completely ignorant about their wines. I look forward to becoming familiar with them, too.

But for this article’s conclusion, let’s talk about Sigillo Cellars winery.

Sigillo Cellars is a small family winery belonging to the Seal family of Snoqualmie. While family members and their friend, winemaker Steve Bailey, made wine as far back as 2005, that was what is called homemade wine for personal consumption with family and friends.

In 2010, sons Michael and Ryan Seal convinced the family to take the giant step and become a certified, licensed winery there in Snoqualmie, where they’ve been successfully producing their wines.

Looking to expand, they succumbed to the lure of Leavenworth, and in 2017, the Seals opened a second tasting room in the 9th street Wine Cellar.

As wine lovers, we know that the beauty and quality of what’s in a wine lies not only in the skill of the winemaker, but in the origins of the fruit used to make the wines.

Hard work and diligence paid off for the Seal team. They found and were able to procure grapes from some of Washington’s best vineyards: Bacchus, Dionysus, Shaw, Lonesome Spring Ranch, Les Vignes le Tendre and Weinbau.

The Leavenworth tasting room experience offers a guest five one-ounce tastes from its array of wines that are open during the visit. The fee is the typical area fee of $10, but waived with the purchase of a bottle of wine.

If you’re looking for some new experiences in wine tasting, visit any of these tasting rooms and meet the friendly staff while enjoying the ambiance of each location.

Alex Saliby is a wine lover who spends far too much time reading about the grapes, the process of making wine and the wines themselves.

He can be contacted at


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