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The Good Life: Office in the cloud

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Mike CassidyBy Mike Cassidy


As a young reporter, I would hustle out to a scene of a news event in my ’63 Rambler (about the best a beginning reporter could afford), take copious notes in a scribble on a reporter’s notebook and get myself back to the newsroom where I would put a semester’s worth of high school instruction to work by banging out a story on an IBM Selectric.

But, peering with my then 20-20 vision at the blue-lined pages at my scribbles, I could get the gist of the quotes, but the details — like people’s names — were less clear. And my editor was death on getting names correct.

So, propping the rotary dial phone’s headpiece on my shoulder, I would dial “9” to get out of the newspaper’s switchboard, and make my call.

“The spelling of your husband’s name, is that Allen or Allan? Oh, Alan, OK, thanks.”

And then another detail I couldn’t quite read, followed by another call. And yet another detail, followed by … well, in all honestly, my best guess because I was too embarrassed to call a third time.

To stop for a second, when I was going to school to be a reporter, I was told of the “old days” when big city reporters took a trolly out to the scene of a news event, and then composed the story on the ride back. No fact checking by phone for them.

Now, we have the internet and email.

Take a look at the Route 66 story this month on page 14 by Devin Scroggins.

First the story came in. Then I emailed a couple of questions and requested more anecdotes. And what about Devin’s dad who celebrates the same name as the president born in Springfield? Devin’s dad is named Boyd… we had a president named Boyd? Was I sleeping in high school history? (Well, yes, but…)

Boyd’s name is Lincoln Boyd Scroggins, Devin emails back.

So it goes, back and forth a dozen times as we nail down the details and photo captions for the story.

And a light bulb goes off in my brain… All of our advertising contacts are done out of the office and we do all of the editorial work via the internet, email, and a lesser extent, the phone.

Why pay rent on a physical space when all of our work is done in the virtual world?

So, at the end of July, we are moving our office to the cloud, and out of our physical space. We love this space, with its view of Badger Mountain, upriver towards Chelan and the new Hilton Hotel next to Pybus.

But we think that — just like the ’63 Rambler — we can leave this office behind and move into the future.

And now for the details:

Staying the same:

Advertising: Lianne at lianne@ncwgoodlife.com (669-6556)

Editor: editor@ ncwgoodlife.com

Circulation, renewals, extra issues and back issues: donna@ncwgoodlife.com

Phone: (509) 888-6527


Mail address: P.O. Box 2142, Wenatchee, WA 98807

Embrace the future, enjoy The Good Life.

— Mike

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