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Work, and the Best Day of 2018

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Mike CassidyBy Mike Cassidy


I believe in work.

“This family works, work never hurt anyone,” my grandmother told the teenage me one afternoon as I set sprawled in a rocking chair in the kitchen on a lazy Sunday.

I tried to think of a quick, smart-alecky comeback, but I guess my mind wasn’t working at that moment. So, I unfolded my legs, pulled up my jeans and headed out the door to help my grandfather feed the cows.

Everything in my life I’ve gotten from work — except for the one time when I lucked into marrying just the right girl — and work has given me a lot of joy.

So, I was a little concerned when we decided to move The Good Life office into our home. Without a workplace to go each weekday, would I still work, or would I revert to my lazy teenage self?

I’m happy to say after putting out four issues from our home office, working from home is productive — and sweet.

I’ve become the caricature of the home worker — I pop out of the shower in the morning, grab an old pair of jeans, pull on my Seahawks tee, and pad barefoot down the hallway, saying as I pass my wife, “I’m going to the office now.”

As I look back on the trepidation I had prior to this move, I scoff at my fears. I get as much done from a spare bedroom as I did from a rented office space.

I now realize the day we packed up our computers and drove them home was one of my best days in 2018.

Which is a nice lead in to saying: We want stories from readers about their best day in 2018… tell us when you embarked on a new personal adventure, or hit a high point, or scratched off an item on your bucket list.

But, be quick — send in your 500 or so word story and photos to editor@ncwgoodlife.com by Friday, Dec. 7.

We’ll publish some of these stories in the January issue, and one story will be picked to win a $100 gift certificate to one of our fine advertisers. Get writing!

Reader and educator Gene Sharratt sent along praise for the work June Darling did in a recent article.

“Thank you for your very thoughtful and well-written piece in the October issue,” wrote Gene.

“I so enjoyed it and believe so strongly in the power of positive thinking. How can you go wrong thinking about the ‘best outcomes’ to an event?

“Assuming the best is one of the attributes of the ‘best’ people. No pessimist put a man on the moon.

“Thank you, too, for your thoughts around surrounding yourself with positive and like-mined people. Positive people charge your battery, negative people drain it.

“Developing learned optimism and hope is crucial to helping all students learn. We often call this ‘Optimism bias’ — a belief that the future will be better than the past and present.

“I used to share with my students, ‘If you liked today, you will love tomorrow.’”

Why be a pessimist? Enjoy The Good Life.

— Mike

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