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Maynard got his dog

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Maynard Lamb and Trigg.

Back in December 2014 Maynard Lamb was expecting a German Shepherd when his wife, Pam, called to say she had rescued a dog in Idaho.

“Having three dogs at the time, I really wasn’t eager for another dog in the house — but she knew a German Shepherd was something I always wanted.”

Instead, the dog was Little Bit (see the insert at right).


Mayn finally got his dog.

“I bought her from a fella down in Yakima,” said Mayn. “Her surroundings were not up to par, and she smelled of urine and feces. She was the runt of the litter that no one else wanted, but she looked perfect to me. I brought her home and Pam took her immediately to the veterinarian.

“At 10 weeks old, Trigg had two parasites and weighed only 7.5 pounds. She was 7 pounds underweight. Poor little thing.

“Pam made Trigg her special project. With time, love, and care Trigg grew and grew. She is now six months old and weighs 50 pounds. She is happy and the most beautiful and gentle dog you could ask for.

“She loves to follow Pam everywhere, and is always ready to go.

“The funny part is that everyone passed on her, for all the other pups, but five will get you ten, Trigg was the best one of the litter. We love her!”

Oh, and Pam and Mayn still have three other dogs including Little Bit.

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