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Motorcycle accident leads to a purpose-driven life

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Crystal Dierick: “I wanted to understand how (energy work) could make such a difference when pain meds didn’t.”

By Jeanne McElvaney

Crystal Dierick had no idea a motorcycle ride on a warm December afternoon would bring such change to her life.

Riding home after her daughter’s high school play, she heard her husband yell: “Hang on tight!” A car, turning onto the highway, was headed right for them. In an instant, Crystal saw it an inch away from her right leg.

“When I opened my eyes, a lady with dark sun glasses and wearing a red sweater was standing over me. Not realizing she was keeping me stable or even that an accident had occurred, I just remember feeling very peaceful, like being wrapped in a cocoon.”

Then the ambulance arrived, and Crystal was asked her name and birth date. With her eyes closed, she thought she was responding clearly. Then the medic said, “Ma’am I need you to take a deep breath. I’m having a hard time understanding you.”

This snapped Crystal out of her bubble and into pain. The accident came back in full force.

At the hospital, she was taken immediately into surgery due to the extensive damage to her right leg. The right foot was not getting circulation.

“For some wonderful reason, the surgeon yanked my foot.” The pain was so great it brought Crystal out of anesthesia, but it started the blood flowing past the compound fracture in her lower leg and saved her foot.

During Crystal’s recovery, pain was a debilitating companion. In spite of being on five painkillers, sleep was impossible.

But she remembers her nurse saying she would come back and work with her.

When she did, Crystal was aware of the nurse calmly running her hands about eight inches above her pain-filled body. “I fell into a deep sleep for an hour. At that time, it was so huge. I’ll never forget what a relief that was for me, and I didn’t even know what she had done.”

Three weeks after being home, Crystal woke up in the middle of the night; it was time for her pain medication. Crystal lay there thinking, “But nothing is hurting.”

She stopped taking her prescriptions that very day. When she visited her doctor a few weeks later, she was reprimanded because that wasn’t protocol, but Crystal believes it was a powerful first step. She said, “It was me getting back to being me.”

It also taught her the power of the mind.

This was reaffirmed when she went to her podiatrist who declared she would never work in a full time position again and would walk in a full brace for the rest of her life.

Feeling devastated and helpless, she then went to get fit for her orthotic shoes. Her orthotist told her to put that prescription into a file and never look at it again. She did. He gave her the gift of seeing new possibilities. Today, she shows no effects as she walks and works.

During Crystal’s prescribed massages, she shared what had happened with the nurse at the hospital. That’s when she heard about energy work — like Reiki and Healing Touch — for the first time.

This inspired Crystal to start taking classes. “I wanted to understand how it could make such a difference when pain meds didn’t.”

As Crystal explored energy work, lots of shifts started happening. “I was paying attention to my life in a new way. It made me really aware of how I had been jeopardizing my well-being by putting other’s wants before mine, and I felt done. I started making new choices.”

One of those choices brought Crystal to Spirals in Chelan when she was visiting with her sister.

“It was an amazing feeling that changed my life,” she said about the metaphysical store that celebrates unlimited possibilities. “Soon after, I started working there. Full time! Every day, I have the opportunity to be in a relaxing environment where I can share the empowerment of what I’m learning in my life journey. I love being part of this small, welcoming community and the amazing nature we have in the area.”

Crystal will be one of the presenters during the Unwind+Explore retreat in Chelan the last weekend of April, where she will be offering both Healing Touch and a class about changing family dynamics using energy.

“Every time I work with others, I am also healing myself. It makes the accident feel more like a turning point than a traumatic event.”

Chelan resident Jeanne McElvaney is the author of Ignite Changes Using Energy.


Unwind+Explore retreat

Spirals is hosting the Unwind+Explore retreat, April 27-29. Thirty-three mind-body-spirit facilitators are offering 64 different classes and personal sessions, creating a rich menu of options that encourages relaxation and personal growth.

In this community-wide event, participants can create their own well-being experience at 14 different locations. Eleven businesses are offering dining and lodging discounts. As one participant said last year, “It’s like the whole town is smiling for us.”

For more information and to register, see www.unwindexplore.com/april-retreat-2018.

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