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Pet tales

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Evanrain McGee with Rex.

Chyahne McGee calls it a “heartwarming story” of a lost lizard found through the work of the community.

“All my boys were outside playing, and they took the lizard” — a 2-year-old bearded dragon named Rex — “outside to get some exercise,” said Chyahne.

Well, while the boys were playing in their East Wenatchee yard, Rex went on a little adventure.

After it was discovered he was gone, “We knocked on everyone’s door in our block,” said Chyahne. “We stayed out until past 11 that night looking.”

She also filed a lost pet report with the Wenatchee Humane Society.

The next day, the kids were up early looking for Rex. But it wasn’t until later that afternoon a neighbor who lives a block away and who had seen the lost pet report called to say, “I’m pretty sure I have your lizard.”

“Now,” said Chyahne, “he wants to get out of his cage and go outside all of the time.”

The lizard’s owner, Evanrain McGee, 13, (above) was super glad he was found and is considering putting Rex on a leash the next time they go outside.


Star Christman of East Wenatchee and her dog, Yoda.

Star Christman of East Wenatchee along with son Curt and daughter Dawn were walking Star’s dog, Yoda.

Yoda is a 4-year-old Coton de Tulear, a breed originally from Madagascar.

The Coton is known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar.” In its country of origin, the breed has been portrayed on a postage stamp.

Star said the best thing about Yoda is he is a clown. “He is brimming with personality. He understands so many words and he even speaks in different tones.”

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