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Pet tales for April 2018

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Eli Sykes was running in Riverfront Park with Pilot on a sunny late morning.

Why Pilot for a name?

“Because that was the name for the Brontë sisters’ dog,” said, Eli, of Wenatchee.

(For those who have temporarily forgotten, Charlotte Brontë was an 18th Century English novelist and poet, and the eldest of the three Brontë sisters whose novels — such as Jane Eyre — have become classics of English literature.)

Pilot was a rescue dog, part of a group of animals that came up to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society from Texas last year when shelters there became overcrowded.

“When we first got her, she was so anxious we had to carry her outside,” said Eli. “She has come a long way since we adopted her in October.”

Eli and Pilot had already run two miles, including a couple of laps around the dog park, and after the brief stop for a photo, continued on their run.



On the first day of spring, Lee Higgins of Wenatchee was walking his dog, Missy, along the water by the 9th Street marina.

“She is seven years old, I think. I got her two years ago from the pound (in Yakima). She was covered with fleas.”

Since then, she has become a real buddy to Lee. “She likes to sit in my lap when I drive. We went all over the country — went all the way to Florida,” said Lee, who is retired from Alcoa.

“I was surprised after all of that driving she was still willing to get back into the car.”

She minds well — out in public. “Look, she comes when I call her now (and she did come after wandering a bit away off leash). But at home, she only does what she wants. I can call her from her bed three feet away, and she won’t move.”

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