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Pet Tales October 2018

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Jackson is a four-year-old mini Goldendoodle that we got as a puppy.

We’ve had several dogs in the distant past but not for about 20 years. We have never had one like Jackson. He was the best decision we’ve made in ages.

It is impossible to feel down or sad very long when we look at each other eye to eye.

Wherever we go he wants to be close to us. He is a great example of unconditional love.

— Jim Brown






Rosie is a 1 1/2 year old part Setter, part Lab, part Border Collie and was a rescue dog from the Wenatchee Human Society adopted by Joycelyn Volc of Wenatchee.

“Rosie was from Okanogan where she was not adopted and brought down to Wenatchee. A woman adopted her but brought her back saying the dog had special needs and being a single working woman didn’t have the time the dog needed,” said Joycelyn.

It took Rosie one month to begin socializing.

“Rosie stayed in the corner in our dining room for 25 days straight 24/7. I had to pick her up to take her outside. She wouldn’t eat or go out. You could tell she was abused and she didn’t trust anyone. But now she has found her voice and is playful but timid around others.

“Rosie loves the dog park. Here she can be off leash and socialize with other dogs. We are getting use to bicycles and people. She has come a long ways,” said Joycelyn.

“The very best thing is I found out Rosie was born on the same day as me, Feb. 16. But not the same year,” she said with a laugh.

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