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We heard you. We apologize and we’ll try to do better

By on April 24, 2018 in Articles with 2 Comments

By Mike Cassidy


A day after the May issue of The Good Life went into the mail, we started to receive phone calls and emails objecting to the cover that showed a local artist with two of her fantasy dolls.

One of the first letter writers came right to the point:

“I am a mother of six kids (4 of whom are girls) and I’m also a Family Nurse Practitioner. I HATE the cover of this month’s The Good Life. It is so obviously inappropriate and sexual. How could you display a pornographic TOY… I am so disappointed in the lack of discretion on the part of The Good Life.”

Another email said:

“I typically have viewed your magazine as a wholesome local publication. The cover was not in line with this view. I am most displeased.”

And another:

“I love our community and the efforts so many people make to bring our community closer together. The cover this month is entirely inappropriate and the opposite of what so many of us are trying to accomplish here —inclusiveness, empowerment, fairness to all.”

And another:

“I’ve enjoyed your magazine for years, however this issue went straight into the trash can… I urge you to revert to your former ways of highlighting the fabulous travel, outdoor, local history, and garden stories you’ve covered so well to this point.”

As editor, I admit using this photo on the cover was a colossal momentary lapse of good judgment. Using this photo anywhere in The Good Life would have been an error in judgment.

I have said to some people that “we are talking about dolls,” and, “it’s art,” and “it takes better eyes than mine to see anything explicit.”

But, honestly, now that I’ve had exchanges with readers of The Good Life, I realize all it takes was different eyes than mine. What I saw as ironically risqué, others saw as much darker and more dangerous. I should been more thoughtful about how readers would see the photo rather than how I saw the photo.

I’m sorry for that.

One writer asked if this was a new direction for the magazine, or a new trend.

The short answer: No, it is not.

Going forward, we will continue to be what we have always been: a magazine sharing positive, upbeat, family-friendly stories about adventurous and wonderful people in the local area who are finding new ways to live the good life.

I hope you will continue to read us and find joy in our pages.


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  1. Janelle says:

    Getting the mail is our routine after school. After so friends posted about the cover I simply told my kids they could not get the mail this week while we waited for bad mail. I explained to them that others don’t think some things are inappropriate for kids. My kids range from 2-14 (6 of them). I appreciate the apology. Especially in something that is mailed it to everyone. I look forward to the next magazine hopefully a more wholesome topic will be featured! Thanks for owning the mistake that gains more respect than get over it in my book.

  2. Mike says:

    Lighten up, Francis. This was a spotlight piece on a local artist. There is a place for vanilla ice cream in every dessert repertoire, but even if that’s all you eat, isn’t it okay for people to know that there are options for others who might enjoy something out of the ordinary?

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