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‘We hope to age as gracefully’ as Great, great Aunt Dorothy is

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Great, great aunt Dorothy Reed

By  ’Tricia Devereaux 

Five years ago, I submitted an article for the June 2013 The Good Life about my great, great aunt Dorothy Reed who was turning 100.

After reading June Darling’s article, “Better at Getting Older,” in the May 2018 issue, I thought The Good Life readers might like to know that GG Aunt Dorothy is still living the good life on her own and will turn 105 on June 9.

The six qualities that June noticed about her friend Jane Hensel are also present in Aunt Dorothy — healthy regimen, gratitude, positive memories, hobby (she still quilts and gardens), social life, and concern about the future.

To those of us who assist her out-of-town children in keeping an eye on her, she is our “bucket filler.”

Her positive outlook, interest in life, wit and wisdom, and especially her love for her family and friends is an inspiration to us.

We hope that we might age as gracefully as she is doing all the while enjoying the good life!

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  1. Tom Reed says:

    As we all grow older, we can’t help but contemplate on what our personal lives will be like as we age. Because all of us are unique, we will all age differently and will physically be exposed to different issues, regardless of our actual age. I count my blessings every day at age 77. Aunt Dorthy is my aunt and I live 2500 miles away, so I haven’t been privileged to see her very often, but she is an inspiration to me personally, turning 105. I really pray to be so lucky or blessed, if my health holds up, as physical and mental capacities are the keys to fulfillment and happiness! So far so good! Go Aunt Dorothy, you inspire us all!

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