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Climbing frozen water

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Bob Buckley on an ice climb on Stevens Pass. Photo by Heidi Swoboda

By Heidi Swoboda

I generally have the memory recall of a gnat.

However, I have crystal clear snippets of mountain visions in my head. Visions of plastic blue Canadian ice, of standing in chest deep snow beneath the drip… Grinning friends, physical exhaustion, disappointment and elation.

Looking down on gracefully circling eagles, and across at crows happily carrying off someone’s lunch.

Being pelted by rockfall from an angry stomping mountain goat. Dark early morning hours of gear sorting and guidebook consulting.

Reliving and embellishing adventures late into the night. Pink sunrises and sunlight filtering through drooping clouds when the storm clears at last. Watching our girls discover the frozen wonders.

Somehow, although I am a full time professional photographer, I find it difficult to capture a photograph that comes close to encompassing what it’s like to experience our incredible Cascade Mountains. I guess I will just have to keep trying.

This photograph is of Bob Buckley on an ice climb on Stevens Pass.

Heidi Swoboda owns Swoboda Photography in Leavenworth. www.swobodaphoto.com.

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