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Yes, there is a   sun in winter

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Nason Creek near the Lake Wenatchee State Park. Photo by Travis Knoop

By Travis Knoop

It would seem, at least so far, that Old Man Winter is having a hard time committing to the season in NCW.

We’ve had a variety of snow, freezing rain, plain ‘ol rain, bitter cold and my personal favorite, the persistent low clouds that trap the valley in a grey gloomy state.

Day after day denied the feeling of sun on our faces as our Vitamin D supplies dwindle. An occasional glimpse of our famous 300 days of sunshine, maybe a bit of blue skies and then it fades away.

But there are times the sun is out there, all you need to do is go find it.

One quick fix is a drive up to Mission Ridge. Take a look at their webcams and you will often be greeted with a sea of clouds over the valley while the Ridge is bathed in sunshine. Ride the lifts, take a snowshoe hike, walk a few laps around the lot or grab a bite to eat in the lodge; I guarantee you will feel better for it!

When I need a little pick-me-up I’m reminded of this photo of Nason Creek from the bridge near the Lake Wenatchee State Park. The fresh snow, blue sky and a few sun spots/solar flares bring a smile to my face.

Before you know it winter will be packing it up, making way for blossoming flowers and budding trees. But while it’s here, try to get out and give Old Man Winter a big hug.

Embrace it, you might just enjoy it.

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