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Dog boarding is ‘so much fun’ in retirement

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Yvette Matson with River, a lively Australian Shepherd she is caring for.

By Donna Cassidy

Yvette Matson got into a retirement business by accident —her “customers” were coming to her even before she knew she was in business.

Yvette and her husband, Dick, live on three acres up Nahahum Canyon, out of Cashmere.

Because she had space to play, friends and family often dropped off their dogs for Yvette to watch while they went out of town.

This happened so often that she decided to start charging people for their dog’s stay.

And that became so time consuming she quit her day job of managing apartments to do full-time dog watching.

Before a dog is accepted for boarding, Yvette walks it around the perimeter fence twice to see how the animal reacts with the other dogs. If they hang back or don’t join the pack, then they aren’t accepted to stay at Scooter’s Canyon Canines…. Can Rover Come Over. The ranch is named after their dog Scooter, a 7-year-old boxer mastiff mix.

A doggie-door lets the pets in and out of Yvette’s and Dick’s home, and the dogs get to sleep indoors at night… and frequently hang out in the living room, which is the lower portion of the Monitor Barn house they built a dozen years ago. Dog hair is no problem, said Dick, as a robot vacuum cleaner patrols the cement floor.

Over the Christmas holidays Yvette cared for as many as 15 dogs at a time.

She is up at 5:30 a.m. each morning to walk the dogs twice around their fenced three acres. The dogs have breakfast then it’s out for that twice three-acre walk again. Then it’s time for Yvette and her husband’s breakfast.

“We wear the dogs out so they sleep well at night,” said Yvette. “I love being outdoors,” she said. “In warmer weather we go out for hikes.”

Yvette said they even bought an older car to cart the dogs to her favorite hiking spot just up Nahahum Canyon. “And the dogs love it.”

Yvette said, “ I love dog boarding.  It is so fun to see the antics of each individual dog and how they interact with other dogs and people.  So many dogs that were shy or reserved have really blossomed and become one of the pack. That is what it is all about, having fun, running, playing and being part of the pack.  

 “Also, I get to be home where I love to be and get to work in the garden and have the grandchildren and enjoy each moment… I’ll go days, sometimes a week, not getting in my car and it is a treat.”

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