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Pet tails

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Ken Baker, Wenatchee, walks Daisy.

Ken Baker, Wenatchee, walks Daisy every day at Riverfront Park.

Daisy is a 12-year-old lab. Ken rescued her through the humane society. Her previous owners dropped her off after she had 24 pups while she was under 3 years old. “Her insides were hanging out,” said Ken.

Ken said he likes Daisy’s personality and his granddaughters love her. “I take her everywhere,” said Ken who just returned from a week in Oregon and yes, Daisy went too.

“We were late for our walk this morning and she is yelling, and barking for me to get a move on.”





David Wascher, Wenatchee, takes Jada almost everywhere he goes.

Jada, a 7-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu, takes it easy just before her walk on Riverfront Park.

David Wascher, Wenatchee, walks Jada three to four times a week at Riverfront Park while his wife is in aerobics class.

“My wife names all our dogs after movie stars, I have no say in the matter,” said David.

David said that Jada is the best dog they ever had and that she talks.

“If a ball is under the sofa she barks until you get it. She barks until you put ice in her water, too.”

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