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The Barrys write: Our favorite parts of our adventure to Costa Rica

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An awesome baby sloth.

Amara (age 11): My favorite part about Costa Rica was my friends. There were so many people from different cultures, teaching me different ways to view the world. My friends all had something different and unique about them, but at the same time we all had our similarities. They taught me not only how to be in Costa Rica, but how to live in it.

Graham (age 10): The part that I enjoyed most about Costa Rica was the ocean. At first we would go and play around on the beach almost every day. Then my dad taught me how to surf and boogie board. Sometimes we would all go out together as a family into the waves. My dad and I surfed a lot and my mom took pictures of us catching cool waves. My sister and I would throw a soccer ball into the waves and try to catch it. Maybe you would like to visit Costa Rica sometime too!

Celeste: My favorite parts of our adventure to Costa Rica were the friends I made and the exotic animals I saw every day. I loved the birds, butterflies, monkeys, sloths and the snakes. One of my favorite memories was the day we got to see a baby sloth on the ground. This is a very big deal, as they only come down out of the trees (to go poop!) about once a week. We felt like the luckiest family in Costa Rica that day.

Like my daughter, I made friends from around the world that I miss dearly, but the great thing about having friends everywhere is that you get to go see them in their home countries. New adventures await.

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