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Cuba: Through the lens

By on July 25, 2017 in Travel with 0 Comments

By Dakota Shae

Cuba is a fascinating place, with a rich history; an exotic land, forbidden to Americans. When the travel ban was lifted (which has since been re-instated) my wife Bridget jumped on the opportunity and surprised me with a trip to celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. Little did we know, we would experience a different Cuba than we had heard about.

Bustling Havana
I took this photo from the carriage of a horse-drawn taxi (which were quite common, especially in Trinidad) as we dodged the chaotic Havana traffic, at times holding our breath to avoid taking a nice big breath of car exhaust. The vintage American cars were beautiful, and driving in and amongst them made it feel as though we were stuck way back in time. In fact, most of Havana felt as though it was stuck in the 1950s, crumbling, neglected by the government, and left for the people to deal with.

A common misconception of traveling is that it’s the same as going on vacation, and that it should always be fun. After returning from Cuba, many people were shocked when I told them Bridget and I did not have a “fun” time in Cuba, rather an eye opening experience; an experience that gave us a look (and feel, and smell) into the daily lives of people who are oppressed by their government.

These photos and captions are not meant to judge Cuba, or de-value the experiences of others, but simply share the impact Cuba had on me while traveling through the very beautiful, mysterious and oppressed country.

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