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A ‘dynamic’ way to view the sleeping lady

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Zane Brewer shoots Sleeping Lady.

By Zane Brewer

I am a longtime photographer/printer living in Wenatchee, and working in East Wenatchee since the winter of 2000.

For me, the Leavenworth area is a winter wonderland, with something for everyone. I am drawn to the scenic landscape beauty of the mountainous terrain.

Sleeping Lady is the iconic rock formation just outside the town of Leavenworth.

On this day, I am in shadows and the sun is setting behind the fog and the Lady. This makes for really bright spots with dark shadows.

Here is where digital HDR photography and a tripod has an advantage over the single exposure photography we are familiar with through the 35mm film days.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) software takes 3 pictures of different exposures, for example

• 1 photo +1 overexposed

• 1 photo proper exposure

• 1 photo -1 underexposed

And allows me to blend them together as one image. The result is more detail in both the sky and the shadows. With all this detail, the photo has the look and feel of a painting.

I have taken my favorite photos and made a 2017 calendar.

Zane’s calendars are available at the S. S. Sub shop in Wenatchee. Zane also has prints for sale at Wild Rivers Sports Bar & Grill in East Wenatchee. For further info, email him at: Zaner2u@yahoo.com.

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