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Dad explains eternity

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By Donna Cassidy

I was 14 years old when my Dad, Don Daggett, died. That was way back in 1967, so I don’t have many memories of him.

I do remember he liked to be different. He would say, “pass the pepper and salt.” He also said the scar on my face — from a surgery when I was a toddler — was my trademark. And I believed him.

One evening, my Dad and I were on the deck looking out at the vastness of the sky.

He was explaining eternity to me. He said, “If a bumblebee took one grain of sand and flew it to the moon and back and took every grain of sand on the earth to the moon and back, it would not touch eternity.”

Now being 12 or so I don’t think I then grasped the concept. But I do now.

Donna Cassidy is the co-owner of The Good Life and grew up in East Wenatchee.

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