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‘My grapes! My grapes!’

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A grown-up Annamarie Harden, her Dad Stephen Harden and his Honda trail motorcycle.

By Annamarie Harden

Dads add value to life and are a source of support in a variety of ways.

In addition, a Dad helps his children to learn new things that can develop character and personality traits that have positive influences on others.

My Dad, over the years, has been helpful in showing or explaining to me how to do different things.

One spring day, when I was 14 years old, my Dad got out his 1972 orange Honda 90 Trail motorcycle. He was letting my older brother ride the motorcycle in our backyard.

I felt adventurous and asked my father if I could attempt to ride the motorcycle. In the past, I had taken rides on the back of the motorcycle as my Dad navigated. But I had never had the motorcycle under my full control.

My Dad said I could ride the motorcycle by myself, in the backyard.

I got onto the motorcycle and putted down the grassy hill in our backyard. I was going to make a big circle and then go back up the hill.

But as I was making a turn, I maneuvered the front tire at a sharp angle. Next thing I knew, the motorcycle was crashing over on its side into my Dad’s precious grape plants.

As I fell over with the bike, I twisted down on the throttle and the motorcycle roared its displeasure at being planted into the grapes.

My Dad, with total surprise, ran quickly down the hill and gasped, “My grapes, my grapes!!”

Then as his initial surprise wore off, he inquired, “Annamarie, are you okay?”

The joke in my family ever since this incident occurred has been that my Dad cared more about his grape plants in the yard versus the well-being of his daughter who had just crashed on the motorcycle.

However, this experience helped me to learn how to have a stronger character. I took responsibility in that I wanted to try and ride the motorcycle, but I learned rather quickly that life doesn’t always go as smoothly as one may believe it should.

Growing up, I have had the privilege of having a supportive father. It has been the reason I have developed into the person I am today.

I am forever grateful.

Annamarie Harden is a Wenatchee Valley resident who enjoys being active in the outdoors riding horses, playing pickleball and exploring the many treasures this valley has to offer. 

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