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Pet tales

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Carolyn Grant, Cashmere, was walking Pandi and Cloe.

Carolyn Grant, Cashmere was walking her dog, Pandi, left, at the dog park in Wenatchee.

Pandi is a six-and-half-year-old Cocker Spaniel that Carolyn got from a friend.

“Pandi is a great family dog. I bring her to work everyday. Pandi is the shop greeter in my hair salon. She loves everyone,” said Carolyn.

Carolyn said she loves the black coat of Pandi because she never looks dirty. 

She was also walking her son’s dog, Cloe, an eight-month old Cocker Spaniel mix. “Cloe needs to be taught obedience and needs to get used to other dogs. She did quite well today,” said Carolyn.

Jennifer Greaves sits with Violet.

Violet is a long hair German Shepherd and is eight months old.

Jennifer Greaves, Wenatchee, got Violet from the Humane Society when Violet was  three months old.

Jennifer said Violet is a wonderful dog and extremely smart. Violet is about to be tested for her AKC certificate. 

“She is a great family dog. She is a perfect playmate to my five-year-old daughter,” said Jennifer.

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