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Pet Tales June 2018

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Sharon St. John with Bailey

By Sharon St. John

Wenatchee is my hometown. I graduated from EHS in 1963.

My life long love affair with dogs began when my family lived in a starter home on North James Avenue in the ’50s.

My husband and I retired to Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico in January.

Our 14-month-old Blue Merle Sheltie (Bleu) accompanied us. We had every intention of rescuing a companion for him.

We visited Lucky Dog Rescue near Lake Chapala; we are 35 miles south of Guadalajara.

This rescue facility was fabulous… spacious, clean and well staffed by volunteers.

Some local veterinarians donated the land and well-organized volunteers run the place.

Mexico has many street dogs and the large expatriate community has taken many of these dogs under their wing, having fundraisers for spay and neuter clinics. The rescues are “no kill” and successfully find forever homes for most of their dogs.

Bailey was being bathed by a volunteer when I first saw her. She had been at Lucky Dog Rescue for a month.

As luck would have it, she is a month younger than Bleu so they are well matched in spirit and energy. As she dried in the sunshine, her hair curled into black and white ringlets and I fell in love with her.

We have had her for a month. She and Bleu are “besties” and they spend their days racing, chasing, wrestling, rolling, eating flowers, sleeping and eating.

I have a dog trainer coming to the house once a week so we can develop good manners. Bleu is getting a refresher course while Bailey is finding her inner dignity.

I’m all for rescuing dogs and cats. We were certainly gifted by the Patron Saint of Dogs when Bailey found us.

Aubyn Honeysett with Millie

Aubyn Honeysett got Millie when she was 6 months old.

Millie, 4, is a Papillon, Chihuahua mix.

“Millie is very quiet. She stays close by when I go for a run,” said Aubyn. “She’s very sweet, she is the sweetest dog I have ever had. She will lay her head on my chest and she loves to play ball.”

Aubyn said she tries to get Millie out three to five times a week and the pair were running the riverfront trail just before stopping for this photo.

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